Chocolate for Everybody

Hi Joe,

Dark chocolate with whole almonds is a shortcut to delight!! (Am not saying I am delight). Scientific reserach hasproven that chemicals inside chocolate stimulate pleasure centers in the brain. (In the same article they call people like me chocodicts)  In the delicate matter of creating delight, we can thus safely advice our clients: distribute choclate. To every body. At every occasion. 

In fact, at Lexus Spain they offer a chocolate when presenting the bill.

So I order it around the place on the web. Our Japanese contact suggested La Red, so I tried. At the site, they promise to deliver within a week. It took a little bit more than a week and look at what I received with “The Chocolate Post”:

la red chcolate

Translation: “Excuse us for the delay. “

They offered me 5 bars on top of that. One of each taste for me to try. So I’m a fan :-). And you bet I already ordered the next lot. I’ll let you taste next time!


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4 Responses to Chocolate for Everybody

  1. Simone Pouwels says:

    Hi Marieke and Joe,
    While attending a theater show in Paris I thought of you both…I saw a one-man show ‘How to become Parisian in one hour’ produced by ‘French Arrogance Prod’ who offers you a guide to parisian rudeness in 10 lessons. Situations we all encounter in the city such as shops, restaurants, metro, taxi, night club and interactions with french people.
    You learn the typical Parisian language, facial expressions and yes, how to curse in French! Stereo types, overly generalized…yes, true… yes, funny…oh ,yes!
    Thinking of all these European countries where royalty still has a large presence, where good form, etiquettes and protocol is the norm…Customer Delight, indulge yourself! Looking forward to reading your book.
    Simone Pouwels

  2. Herodote Adjegan says:

    Hello Marieke,
    I really like dark chocolate and I cannot wait to have the taste. Chocolate is Americans’ favorite. But I am not sure if Marieke had tried American chocolate during her last business trip to the United States. I can’t wait to read your book Marieke. The book will be my chocolate!!!

    • Marieke says:

      Will keep you updated.
      In fact we tried some sugar free choclate, bought at Whole foods. It was dark with chili peppers. Let’s say I wouldn’t buy it again. We also tried dark with peieced of coconut and that was yummi!!!!

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