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Hi Joe,

Funny, somehow, that “lip service” has a negative connotation. Normally words with lips are positive, think of lip stick. 

Anyway, I was in Morocco last week and had several nice experiences. At a pharmacy I saw the following note, very welcoming. Funny that they see us as a guest!!

pharamacy fes

We had rented a house in the old medina and a young man takes care of the house and of course of the guests. He came around every morning and every afternoon to see if we would need something, if he could do something for us. When talking to him and a possibility to return with a bigger group of friends, he said: “Yes, you should do that, your brother (himself) will welcome you all here.” Interesting to hear how he positions himself. A brother takes very good care of his family. 


restaurant fesIn restaurant Le Patio Blue, in the medina I had used the toilet. I climbed the stairs up to the roof terrace where my family was seated at a table, while someone walked very very closely behind me. Once on the terrace he said, “Excuse me” and slipped in front of me, grabbed a napkin somewhere and held it out to me. He had noticed I had not dried my hands! 

Service all around in Fez in Morocco. 


Cheers, M

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4 Responses to Service in Morocco

  1. Indeed, as the owner and manager of the riads which you are doing allusion, ‘Dar Mia’ and ‘Masriya Mia’, in Fes, I attach a great value to the service due to my guests. But if Moroccan people are by nature very hospitable, it is often uneasy for them to imagine what are truly the expectations of the foreign customers, because of the great cultural differences.
    Thanks for your comment.

    • Marieke says:

      HI William,
      I can see the difficulty for the hosts. If their intentions come fro their hearts, they will touch everybody, I believe.


  2. Herodote Adjegan says:

    Hello Marieke,
    I really like this blog. I would like to visit this place in Morocco. It is very nice. Also the architecture of the place is very interesting. African people are hospitable in general !!!Please, what is your favorite food in Morocco?

    • Marieke says:

      Hi Herodote,
      My favorite was chicken with lemon and olive sauce. Mmmm very nice. I also like their salad of cooked vegetables cooled down woth olive oil and spices.


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