Being part of the family

saladeHi Johannes,

The question here is: can you implement a customer-centric culture when your company is listed at the stock exchange???? Will you be able to convince your shareholders? That means chosing a long term approach over a short time strategy??? I feel it is easier for family businesses (even Toyota is!!). 

Talking about family businesses….. In June I had spent two nights in Hotel 2000 and I liked the place. So last week I went again. Upon arrival I got an upgrade to a room with a terrace as the owner remembered I liked sitting outside. He added: “If you want a salad before leaving to work, I can organize one for you.” And so when I ordered a salmon salad at 17h30 it was served within a minute. Very nice, fresh and crispy. (I won’t specify here he welcomed me with “Hello young lady“, you wouldn’t understand :-)). 

Next time in Valkenburg…


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  1. Daniel says:

    Hi “Young Lady”,

    That’s an interesting question about customer-centric culture and listed stock-exchange company. I guess it will always come down to revenue. If as a CEO you can prove to your shareholders that customer delight will generate a good ROI and you have a plan to implement that, I am sure that anybody will go for it. Take Singapore Airlines for example, Customer Delight helps them to differentiate from their competitors and now it’s in their DNA.

  2. Marieke says:

    As strange as it may seem Daniel, not every CEO is sees the opportunities of Customer Delight, nor do her shareholders. Short term gains are strived for by shareholders, rather than long tern profit…. Thanks for thinking with us.

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