Dollar back on track

Hi Marieke,

Too bad that I only have a few hairs left, otherwise I would have really liked to meet Frank! Did you enjoy the wind through your (back then, it was still long) hair in the convertible in Las Vegas?


I really liked it, but at every trip it was a challenge to find the way with the bad working navigation system that we had rented with the car. I informed the staff about it, when I returned the car, but to my surprise, they replied with ‘ok’ (while in my opinion it was not ‘ok’…) and put it on the pile of navigation systems.

When I received a online satisfaction survey, I made a comment about it. Now, 2 weeks later, I got a reply: “(…) please accept my personal apologies for the unacceptable behavior exhibited by our employee.  I was very disturbed to hear of your experience and want to assure you this is no more acceptable to us than it was to you.  We pride ourselves on our employee’s ability to provide excellent customer service (…) In an effort to regain your confidence in Dollar Rent A Car, I have requested a credit in the amount of $112.89 to be issued to your credit card, for the inconvenience and non-working GPS unit. (…)”

Schermafbeelding 2013-06-28 om 21.21.21Dollar, you lost me as a customer two weeks ago, but today you stole my heart. I know where to rent next time!

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3 Responses to Dollar back on track

  1. Laura Fairchild says:

    Hi Marieke & Johannes,
    We are surviving the heat here in Las Vegas NV and wanted to thank both of you for visiting our store. We hope you had a great time in Las Vegas and that you received great customer service. I know our town is working very hard to make sure everyone that visits Las Vegas has a great experience. Las Vegas is in the top 3 destinations in the world to visit and we want everyone to have a great time while here. Thanks, Laura

  2. Herodote Adjegan says:

    You are very true Johannes. The navigation system is very helpful but is you have a bad one you will be lost for ever. I remember, my friend’s GPS had a similar problem and he was late for a job interview.

    • Marieke says:

      Hi Herodote, In fact I use this scenario in my trainings when we work on skills to handle complaints….

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