Great news

Hi Joe,

Are you saying that even car maniacs can be delighted by a dealer? But that’s great news! I admit I was somewhat shocked to hear you accept Ruben’s offer. (For the readers at home: someone in our team has car-wash-rituals. Ritual is to plonge the sponge in a first bucket with warm water and car shampoo, then rinse the sponge after every stroke (every stroke) in a second bucket with warm water. Back into the first bucket, washing movement. A 3rd bucket is for cleaning the wheels, outside and inside (it’s normal if this is the first time ever you spent a thought to the inside of your wheels as items that can be washed)). 

Happy you were delighted and now can find your way again, Joe. 

dordrecht compriméIn trainings I cite this same dealer for the breakfast they serve for clients bringing in their car for maintenance.  Instead of a rubber smell (I hate that!), there’s a scent of hot croissants. The challenge is: what to do after 1,5 years when clients expect the fresh juice and warm croissants? How to suprise them again? It’s not easy, Customer Delight. That’s good news too, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it :-). 

Cheers Joe,


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