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Hi Johannes,

“Safe and clean parking lot” states a welcoming sign at the parking of HaJé restaurant along the highway. 20 meters furtheron they confirm their promise: 

 Haje parking

As I completely had the right profile, I parked my car here, right in fornt of the entrance. When entering the building it said:

 haje entrance





And indeed, many reasons to smile. Cosy decoration/flowershop at the entrance, friendly welcome, nice wintergarden to work, wood fire, good food (both classic and healthy) and, hey, they even sell Love Choc!!! What possibly more can someone want??? 

They have all things right due to systematic satisfaction cards at every table. 

Next time more on parkings. 












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  1. Herodote Adjegan says:

    What a nice blog, Marieke!
    Customer satisfaction is a key for every business. Customers have to leave your business with happiness, and with smile.
    Thanks Marieke


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