What parkings can tell you more….

parking pyramidesThis is a sports club around here. It is big, it is beautiful, it is very expensive and posh. Clientele and management are accordingly. Clearly: a relevant question has been asked: “Who is important around here?”, The answer is obvious: the general manager is!! Important people have the right to have priviliges and park at a convenient spot.

Johannes, we have all this talk about customers and service, but let’s be honest; if he wouldn’t manage the whole thing, the sports club would soon be a mess. Furthermore you agree with me: members come there for sports; to move, to excercise, to work out, after all. So if walking from their car park to the door is already too much of an effort, why come here??? 

It is really very useful for the GM to park right in front, how else can he inform all members that he is driving a fancy black BMW 5 series break with full options?

Members can thus come to the intelligent conclusion themselves: “This person is successful and consequently : important”. Recognition is very important for motivation, this is commonly known. This way the GM will work even better, for the club and for … himself??? 



Cheers Johannes,





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  1. Herodote Adjegan says:

    Hello Marieke,
    I totally agree. People who are the headmasters have the privilege to live in a descent place and well equipped. That is what we always see. There is no surprise!

    Thanks Marieke

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