My question for the National Dutch Railways…

… is: how exactly do they define the promising concept……… “SERVICE“? 

When arriving today with the international train at Rotterdam station, I wanted to buy a ticket for Utrecht. The ticket vending machines in the hall happened to neither accept a credit card, nor cash. I looked around for a solution and saw the “Service Center”. Happily I walked over and it turned out that:


  • 28 people were in line before me
  • There was nowhere to sit down
  • It took the 3 ladies at the ticket windows 17,5              
         minutes to proceed the 28 clients
  • There was a sur-charge of 50 cents as I did not use
         the machines. 
  • The lady wished me a pleasant day.

What’s your bet?

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5 Responses to My question for the National Dutch Railways…

  1. Herodote Adjegan says:

    This is ridiculous! They have a poor customer service. This train station has to reorganize their service center. How can they succeed with this poor service? Maybe they have a different definition of “Customer Service”
    Thanks Marieke for this blog.

  2. Germaine says:

    I could add about 50 stories like this, since I’m travelling with Dutch Railways every day. I’t incredible that you can not buy a ticket at the machines with a foreign bank card or credit card. And I won’t start about the chaos at Utrecht Central because of the works going there for years already. But…the other day I was pleasantly surprised. At Amsterdam Zuid a delayed train was announced in four languages: Dutch, English, French and German! And it wasn’t even an international train! So…maybe there’s hope for Dutch railways?

    • Marieke says:

      Hi Germaine,
      Thanks for the positive note, there is hope……. Everywhere :-).
      I have to admit that I do have some good experiences with NS, these were private initiatives like: “I have good news to announce, we will be the first train to be allowed in the tunnel after the fire.” or “I am happy to will travel on this train ” (after inquiring for an itinerary with a train driver).

  3. Marieke says:

    Today I took metro line 1 in Paris, and the announcement was made in French, English, Japanese and Spanish. We’re all internationalizing … :-)

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