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 Your frontline staff has the power to make

 or break your Customer Delight strategy. 

 Do you fancy your staff to: 

•  Understand what Customer Delight is; 
•  Get Ideas on how Customer Delight can benefit them, their customers and your company; 
•  Read compelling examples; 
•  Receive practical tools; 
•  Get inspiration for further delighting actions; 
•  Find “Intelligent” advice; 
•  Learn about their own delight skills; 
•  Discover references for interesting sites on the subject? 
Then order this book! 
This workbook is a practical tool for management to involve frontline staff. It facilitates the implementation of a Customer Delight strategy, with examples, exercises, interviews with service champions and new ideas.
Order a copy of our entertaining and easily accessible book for every employee, to get your strategy going!
You can see previews of the book’s pages 4, 13 and 31 on the bottom of this page!
Investment:  € 14.95,- per copy  


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Page 4 Preview
Page 13 Preview

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