Overpromise (and still deliver)

Hi M,

That is indeed true: If you have set a high standard with delighting customers, it is very difficult to surpass that the next time you come into contact with your client. 

This is, in a way, the same with Nespresso, they communicate so much about the ‘Nespresso experience’ that I always will a bit suspicious. Still I like their coffee (and machines). 


So I was surprised (again) when I contacted their customer service. I called to complain about the leaking water reservoir of the coffee machine I have (gift from a friend, who bought it at a MediaMarkt, not at Nespresso). The lady on the phone was very friendly, asked for my client number and, when I couldn’t find it in a few seconds, she looked it up for me. Then I explained about my leaking machine and she immediately apologized (for the machine and the fact that her colleague a few months earlier said that there was no solution for it) and then she sent of a new container right away.

After that, she asked if I needed new coffee. When I said that I already bought new cups, she responded enthusiastically and she wished me ‘a good coffee experience’. 

Helped within a minute after calling, no need for looking for my client number, receiving a new part -free of charge- for a machine that was bought elsewhere and an enthusiastic employee. What more could I wish for?



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