Paying back with interest

Hi M!

At least the driver at the airport created Customer Delight for your daughter! You give a clear example that Delight is different for all of us. And if you find the code to a persons desire, you really create something beautiful!

Remember we were at the car dealer a few weeks ago? I was considering to have the navigation software in my car updated, but decided -because of price, € 300- to leave it for a while. Until Ruben, the sales executive, offered to wash my car. You know that I prefer to do that myself (although he did a very nice job), but the effect was that I immediately changed my mind and asked if they could update the navigation as well: when someone does something nice for you, you want to repay with interest!

Audi Ames

So when we talk about ROI of Customer Delight, it can be quite quick and substantial!


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