Standing in your shoes

Hoi Marieke,

I know that you are on the other side of the world, enjoying your holiday. Do they wear shoes over there? Because this blog is about a shoe-experience closer to home than Zappos.


I bought a pair of sneakers a year ago at a shoe store in Woerden (Verkuilen schoenen). They looked nice and were from a famous trekking brand. I was surprised that after only six weeks of light use (never walked far because of my little twin daughters)┬áthe sole came off. When I contacted the manufacturer, the reply was, that I should arrange it with the shoe store and that they didn’t feel responsible.

I was too lazy to react. So only recently, when I found the shoes in my closet, I decided -before I would throw them away- to go back to the store . They were more than helpful. They tried, but said that the manufacturer was still persistent and didn’t want to compensate anything, but the store manager offered a full refund if I would buy a new pair of the same brand or 50% if I would buy another brand.

Because I don’t want to have any connection to this trekking brand any more (I have some jackets and trousers of them, but will never buy again), I decided to have the 50% discount on another pair. At the cash desk the store manager said: “From next week we have an extra discount of 15%. It would feel a bit unfair for you if you would read that next week in the paper, so I already apply it to this transaction.” He then applied it to the full price and then took the 50% discount off. You bet I am walking on sunshine!

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