Who is in the centre?

Hi Marieke,

Haha, I think we all know the kind of managers that like to park in front of the door of their offices. Especially when he drives a 5 Series break (because they are usually referred to as ‘Touring’). At some hotels you have the parking spaces in front marked as ‘reserved for trainers’ and my trainer colleagues (me included) feel very special because of that…

To show you a little different perspective of feeling special, I received this anecdote from my business partner Patrick:

“I would like to share an example with you that for me represents the perfect customer delight moment. More than a year ago I did an assignment for a customer in Singapore. For this assignment I was accommodated at the Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa resort.

I celebrated my birthday last month and was greatly surprised to receive e-mail from the Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa resort congratulating me with my birthday.


After more than a year I did not expect that. I really appreciate it and, funny enough, it makes my already positive experience with this resort even better. Loyalty retroactively so to speak. It proves that it does have to take too much effort for a hotel to make such a small gesture and to stay on top of mind. I experienced it as being very attentive and thoughtful and it reconfirms my choice for Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa.”

Customer Delight revolves around how you make people feel!

I wish you the best Christmas possible (compared to all the years before, otherwise there will not be anything better next year) and a positively exciting start of 2014!


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